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The Renaissance or the triumph of paganism


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     Before beginning the study of this universal Kingship - social and political - of our Lord Jesus Christ, a foreword probably useful, the methodical and relentless mechanism that will lead France after the irreverent exclusion of God revolutionary constitution of 1789, to settle in apostasy and formalize new, legislatively and publicly in 1958 by a referendum initiated by the 'Catholic' but Freemason Charles de Gaulle, thus France a "republic secular " that is to say, foreign to God, after he allowed the late 1943, and for good reason, restoration of Freemasonry, ancient enemy of the Catholic Church with kabbalistic and rabbinic Judaism. iniquitous referendum endorsed by the majority of Catholics - overwhelmingly Democrats politically - after the encouragement given by a group of French bishops and cardinals.

     To say that France is in a state of religious apostasy, by joining the political naturalism, should no longer surprise many people, except those who litter the faith and its requirements analysis in religious, social and political " eldest daughter of the Church "    

     This apostasy chronologically back in its beginnings, what was pompously called the '' Renaissance '' that is to say, a literary movement, art and science based on the imitation of antiquity who was born in Florence in Italy in the first half of the "quattrocento" (period extending approximately from the late fourteenth to fifteenth century), and François Ier, fascinated by Italy, introduced in our country in the early sixteenth century.   

     This Renaissance word, paving the way for the Protestant Reformation and the Revolution of 1789, was in fact a war cry announcing an incredible revival of paganism in Christian lands. This paganization of French society which had, who, and who will have very serious ultimate consequences is characterized by :  

I Three components  

     1 - The intellectual element: emancipation of reason or rationalism.  

     2 - The moral element: emancipation of the flesh or sensationalism.  

     3 - The social element that makes the divine and the same social confusing:  

     *  The deity with such creatures and all creatures by the deification of nature or the annexation of God in nature  

     * Religion and civic duties with the cult included in the functions of the citizen. This cult of citizens addressing the State, either directly or through an official religion.     

II Three large specific characters that appear when these elements reached their full development:  

     1 - In religious matters  :  

- Unbelief among scholars  

- The indifference among the people that the moment he has work, games and sensual pleasures of all kinds and to excess, is satisfied with these things considered the quintessence of human happiness.  

- Political indifference under which all religions are equally good and equally bad in the eyes of governments. Postulate of religious indifference that must adopt and proclaim our hypocritical men and told Catholic politicians to be able to make a career.    

     2 - In social matters :  

     A material civilization very advanced, very corrupt and corrupting because it thinks only of material well-being of man and produces two great results: the scandalous luxury of the few, and the increasing misery of a growing number.  

     3 - In moral terms :  

     A burning fever of money and pleasure monopolizing all concerns and pushes otherwise in violation of the law at least to that of morality:     

- the legalization of divorce, civil marriage, cohabitation, PACS and male and female sexual perversion which spreads without any shame, in all social classes, contraception, cowardly and criminal abortion note in passing the intellectual and moral decay of its legislators and underwriters, picking on defenseless people, coldly realize a heinous massacre of the innocents, enjoying the surplus refund of Social Security and, as we do not stop '' progress '' (especially in the degeneration and moral degradation), with line of sight euthanasia (already at work), eugenics and the large-scale cloning, if God puts a stop judging lawlessness is at its peak.  

     These elements of paganism make it reach its climax when, according to ancient models (the reference to the '' Renaissance ''), a fourth character appears: the Caesarism that is to say the concentration in the hand one man, both pope and emperor of any power or religious and social policy, which is no other than the absolute rule of force: the dictatorship and tyranny, the final phase of the incarnation of man without God.     

(Continued ... "political translation of the New World Order" ... God willing)